February 2020

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Effective January 1, The Alabama Secretary of State has updated all foreign and domestic forms and increased some of their filing fees. Click here to learn more.


Effective January 1, House Bill 1009 makes substantive updates to the Business Corporation Act. Changes relate to name distinguishability, entity name reservation, filing corrections, domestication, and other topics. Click here to learn more.


The Department of Assessments and Taxation will allow a 2 month filing extensions for Annual Report and Personal Property Tax Return(s) if the extension is requested on the website by April 15. Click here to learn more. 

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Infinity Professional Services Group Inc. provides nationwide coverage for filing, searching and retrieval for corporate, UCC, real estate and litigation matters. Through our strategic partnership with Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASI), we are also available to assist with all of your corporate compliance and registered agent needs. 

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Team Infinity recently celebrated another successful year at Nick & Nino's Penthouse Steakhouse in Springfield, IL. Every January the team enjoys a wonderful dining experience perched 30 stories above Illinois's capital city. It's a phenomenal experience with our extraordinary team to dine, laugh, drink and truly enjoy each other's company.

Thank you for your business and support. We wish you all a successful and healthy 2020!  


Is work-life balance a myth? Are we approaching the idea of “balance” all wrong?

We all strive to have a healthy combination of love in certain areas: self, family, friends, and work. We strive to increase our love of various aspects of our lives and reduce our dislike of other aspects. We have convinced ourselves that a good work-life balance will be the key.

From New Year's resolutions to unending ‘to do’ lists, we are constantly trying to better ourselves, balance ourselves, and find that perfect solution to our stressed out, million-miles-a-minute lives. But what if we could focus on loving what we do in our careers, and it didn’t feel like so much work?

In a recent Time Magazine article titled, Work-Life Balance Is a Myth: Do This Instead, writers Buckingham and Goodall present research taken from a random sample of working populations in nineteen countries: 73% of people claim that they have the freedom to modify their jobs to fit their strengths better, but only 18% of them actually do.

They argue that work is a part of life and shouldn’t be treated as the opposite of what we want. Our focus should be on finding the uplifting moments that we love in both work and family life. Finding our sweet spot, where we experience “flow,” in both our personal and professional lives will give us something beyond balance - satisfaction.

They suggest taking a week to “love our jobs,” suggesting that we consciously take notes of the exact moments about our jobs that we love and loathe. They give concrete suggestions to start: “During the week, any time you find yourself feeling one of the signs of love scribble down exactly what you were doing in the Loved It column. And any time you find yourself feeling the inverse — before you do something, you procrastinate; while you do it, time drags; and when you’re done with it, you hope you never have to do it again — scribble down exactly what you were doing in the Loathed It column.”

Everyone is different. Some people like interactions with coworkers. Some prefer details or alone time. Some may like analyzing data. Some may prefer presentations and communicating with clients. Writing down the things we love about work helps us to realize how life can be better. It can help us maximize what we love!

To read more about this phenomenon of loving our jobs more, click here for the full article!