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Senate Bill 689 establishes a time-limited franchise tax amnesty program that will run October 1, 2019 through November 15, 2019. This amnesty program will be administered by the Illinois Secretary of State and runs concurrently with a general tax amnesty program that will be administered by the Illinois Department of Revenue. The franchise tax amnesty petition form must be completed in addition to any other forms normally required. Click here to learn more.

North Carolina

Effective October 1, Senate Bill 594 amends existing provisions relating to registration of assumed business name certificates, clarifies registration of certain land records with the register of deed and makes changes to the prohibition of filing false liens or encumbrances. Click here to learn more.

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Infinity Professional Services Group Inc. provides nationwide coverage for filing, searching and retrieval for corporate, UCC, real estate and litigation matters. Through our strategic partnership with Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASI), we are also available to assist with all of your corporate compliance and registered agent needs. 

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In today’s 24/7 round-the-clock work culture, many workers are tempted to be Superwoman or Superman. In fact, working around the clock has become the norm.

According to Mental Health America (MHA), one in four Americans describe themselves as “super stressed.” So our efforts of doing it all are counterproductive. Stress can hinder our concentration, deplete our energy, cause depression and irritability and even weaken our immune systems. As our stress goes above normal, manageable levels, our productivity drops. The key is balance. There is good stress and bad stress. Bad stress makes us feel like we are on the edge of a cliff about to drop off with one misstep, hanging on by a thread or a wing and a prayer.

Good stress helps our productivity, makes us more productive with less time, spurs creativity and motivates us to set reasonable goals. Balance is achieved by maintaining some strict parameters with ourselves, so we never feel on the edge of a cliff mentally, professionally or personally.

Here are some keys according to the MHA to keep our sanity with work-life balance: 

1.) Set manageable goals. In order to feel productive, we have to feel like we are getting something accomplished. If our list is insurmountable and impossible, we will feel on the edge of that cliff again. Setting achievable work tasks helps us keep control and feel a level of accomplishment.

2.) Manage your time efficiently. Procrastination is a one-way ticket to the edge of that mental cliff. To combat it, break up a big task into smaller tasks and start with those small goals first. Keep in mind that procrastinating a project just gives it more control over our minds until it seems insurmountable. Pull the plug on these inflatable “big projects” by directing them into achievable daily tasks.

3.) Communicate effectively. Many of us try to keep our concerns to ourselves, thinking this shows weakness. But, expressing our concerns if we are in a bind, handling problems constructively, and being open and honest about our capabilities and time constraints helps keep us off that impending edge. Effective communication not only helps keep unneeded stress away, it helps solve problems more quickly and efficiently.

At home it’s equally important to maintain a good balance between work and home life. Unplug and give yourself a digital detox on your off time. Don’t overcommit and resist the urge to be Superwoman/ Superman on your off time as well. Exercise, stay active and do things you want to do in order to recharge and stay healthy.

The important thing is to use a combination of all of these tools to keep off the ledge. The ledge is no good for anyone. Good luck out there! 

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As of August 15, 2019, our new remittance address is the following: 

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