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Registered Agent Services

National Representation


We offer registered agent services in all 50 States and the District of Columbia. Some distinct features and benefits provided by Infinity and RASi include, but are not limited to, the following:


Compliance Task Calendar™: A user-friendly compliance tool that helps you manage your corporate requirements with e-mail alerts, compliance tasks, custom events, notes, completed tasks, etc.


Entity Manager™: Inclusive with our service, tracking and managing your entities has never been so easy and affordable.   A central repository for all your corporate data such as: states, DBA's, profiles, ownership, Officer & Directors, Stock & Shareholder records, Business Registrations, etc.


Insta-SOP™:  Immediate notification that your company has received a Service of Process.  This alert will prompt you to logon to the secure site to acknowledge the delivery and view or download your PDF-formatted document.  History Log, Real-time Tracking and Summary Receipts are also available.


Affordable Pricing: Our years of experience in the industry has taught us that clients typically want more for less.  Our high-efficiency and low-overhead business model provides you the perfect combination of great service at an affordable price. We also offer volume discounting for entities in multiple jurisdictions.


International Representation


In addition to our Nationwide offerings, we have the ability to provide registered agent services in a vast number of international jurisdictions, such as Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and many others. Please contact us to inquire about our international offerings.


Special Representation


As the demand for more compliance and transparency increases for your business, we continue to add services to meet your needs that comply with various statutes or private agreements (i.e. Loan Agreements (and other contracts), Business Licensing and Sales Tax Registrations).


Change of Agent


Looking to explore your Registered Agent options?  We offer a Complete Nationwide Corporate Audit of your entities and absorb all state fees if you commit to our solution.  The combination of Infinity's Industry Experience and RASi's Compliance tools makes our solution the best value in the industry!  Please contact us at info@InfinityPSGI.com for a consultative discussion on how Infinity can benefit your organization.

Through our strategic partnership with Registered Agent Solutions, Inc. (RASi), Infinity is able to offer a comprehensive registered agent solution. By choosing Infinity to manage your registered agent needs, you can rely on our industry experience, knowledge, and customer service commitment to ensure your entities and the states where you are doing business remain compliant and in good-standing. We welcome the opportunity to partner our registered agent offerings with you today!

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